We supply your company with tailor-made, incredibly well-designed merch.

We ideate, design, manufacture, and deliver trend-conscious, high-quality clothing for the coolest companies out there.

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What is our process?


1 - 2 weeks

This is where the fun begins! We'll sit down with you to discuss your vision and ideas for your custom clothing. We'll ask questions, take notes, and get a feel for the look and feel you're going for. Whether you are just launching new branding or trying to educate on your freshly cooked company mission - it can all be a foundation for your very merch.


2 - 4 weeks

With all the ideas in mind, we will get to creating some initial concepts and sketches. We'll work with you to fine-tune the designs and make sure they're exactly what you're looking for.


2 - 3 weeks

Once the designs are finalized, we'll create a prototype of the clothing so you can see how it will look and feel in real life. This is a great opportunity to make any final tweaks or adjustments before moving on to the next step.


4-6 weeks / Minimal order: ~50 pieces

Once the prototype is approved, it's time to bring your custom clothing to life! Our team will take care of the production and delivery process, ensuring that your clothing is of the highest quality and delivered to you on time

What do others say about us?

Some kind words about our work both from clients and the "end users"

Let's create the best merch you've ever had

Drop us a line and tell us about your project. We will get back to you and get the ball rolling.

What’s in it for you?

Brag about your company image and branding

High-quality, fashionable clothing can enhance a company's overall image and help you establish a strong brand identity.

Increase your team’s pride

Providing your team with well-designed clothing can truly improve their sense of pride and identity within the company.

Hire with ease

Remarkable merch can be your very strong point when recruiting new talents. Your team wearing it at industry events will do an employer branding job for you.

Educate on company changes

With custom-made clothing for all employees you can take the opportunity to educate on a new take on your mission or a new branding you are introducing.

Unite the team

Just like how a jersey brings a sports team together, custom-made attire can do the same for your team

Be the one who stands out.

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